Help us get our trucks on the road again!

The scorching temperatures of Arizona can make life pretty unbearable for the people living in this urban desert. We work through the heat as our drivers are on the road, six days a week, delivering hope and sustenance to our recipient agencies who depend on us daily. But, we’ve run into a problem…two of our trucks who deliver this life-sustaining food are in the shop and a third one will need repair very soon. This is directly impacting our deliveries and the people who rely on us most.
The summer always takes a toll on our fleet, but this summer, we are experiencing more repairs than ever before. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars which is quite a hit in the middle of the year.
With your help, we can get our fleet back on the road again, rescuing good food and delivering it to the hungry men, women, and children of the Valley. Without our trucks, our mission of alleviating hunger for the Valley is impossible. Save the summer by donating to Waste Not!
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