Reducing Food Waste at Home

Food Waste in America

With a staggering amount of over 150,000 tons of food going to waste in America, it’s hard to ignore this growing issue. For many its a topic that gets easily overlooked but there are simple and easy things one can do to prevent food waste.


Prep to Prevent Food Waste

We recently asked our team members to share tips with us on what they do in their own homes to prevent food waste. This week Kate shares one of the easy simple ways that she reduces food waste in her own home. Each week upon completing her grocery shopping, she carefully washes, dices and bags her fruits and veggies. This helps when a busy week doesn’t leave much time for prep and it’s easy to grab and go when on the run. This preparation time ensures that the food is more likely to be consumed rather than thrown away in the trash. Saving time and money!


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