Recipient Service Survey

1700 N. Granite Reef Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Service Survey
For deliveries in 2016

This survey will help us to improve and maintain a high standard of service to our recipient partner agencies, as well as measure program impact.

Food Quantity & Quality

How often does Waste NOT deliver to your agency?

What type of food do we typically deliver? ( Check all that apply).


How would you rate the quality of food delivered?

While we cannot guarantee it, what other types of food would be helpful to you agency?

Service Quality

If you were new to Waste NOT in 2016, how long did you wait for your service to be initiated?

How would you rate our field staff?


How long do you typically wait for a response to a phone message left or email?

Recipient Agency Impact

How do our deliveries enhance the efficiency of your client services and help you to meet your mission?

Other - please describe:


How do you utilize the food we deliver?

Other - please describe:

How do our deliveries directly benefit your clients?

How has the current economic crisis impacted your work in the community?

Other - please describe:

Client Impact - OPTIONAL

If appropriate, please tell us an impact story about a client (please change names as necessary to protect privacy) who has thrived due to a combination of your services, as well as nutritional sustenance provided by Waste NOT. Please email story and high-resolution photo to

We hereby give Waste NOT permission to use our client’s story and photo in Waste NOT grant proposals and marketing materials to illustrate the special partnership that we share with Waste NOT.



Thank you for your Participation