Leaving your legacy to help feed hungry people is a meaningful, yet simple thing. Your compassionate act of including Waste NOT in a bequest or as a beneficiary as described below, can truly be one of the more important legacies you leave. We thank you for even considering this step.

We’ve been around since 1987 which means we have literally helped feed millions of people, from infants to elders. With your help, we will continue feeding people for many decades to come. Thank you!

I. A bequest can be made in the form of cash, securities, real estate, or other property. You should specify that Waste NOT is to receive a certain amount or percentage of your estate, particular assets, or the remainder of your estate after providing for heirs.

There are different types of bequests you can make:

Specific bequests: used to make a gift of a specific dollar amount or specific assets.

Residuary bequests: used to give all or a portion of the rest, residue, and remainder of your estate after payment of expenses and any specific amounts

designated to additional beneficiaries.

Contingent bequests: used to result in a gift to Waste NOT in the event of the death of other beneficiaries or the fulfillment of certain conditions described in your estate plans.

II. Sample Bequest Language:
I bequest to Waste NOT (Tax I.D. 86-0650514) in Scottsdale, Arizona the sum of $________ or _________% of the residue of my estate as an unrestricted gift to be used in the area of greatest need at the time the gift is received.

**Note: Advice of legal counsel should be secured before the use of any specific form of bequest**

III. Waste NOT I.D. & Contact Information
Federal Tax I.D. 86-0650514
Waste NOT
1700 North Granite Reef Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

IV. Naming Waste NOT as beneficiary of a financial investment/life insurance policy: another way to simply include Waste NOT in a planned/legacy gift includes naming the organization as beneficiary of your 401k, IRA or Life Insurance Policy.

V. To discuss beginning this process, please contact: Dee Mitten, President & CEO, Waste NOT, 480.941.1841


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