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No, however, we collaborate with area food banks in the overall effort to feed the Valley's hungry. There are two major differences between Waste NOT and a food bank: 1) We do not store or warehouse food. We deliver food the same day it is collected directly to our network of more than 100 diverse agencies that feed the hungry. 2) We recover perishable food... that is, food that has been cooked - from restaurants, resorts, and caterers. We also work with various non-perishable suppliers such as grocers and various food vendors. Additionally, we pick up thousands of pounds of excess food from special events and sporting events.
No, we have no program fees.
Not as a rule. If you hold a catered event, however, we can possibly make arrangements with your caterer for recovery of surplus food.
None. Donors are protected by the GOOD SAMARITAN LAW, passed by the Arizona legislature in August of 1989 that exempts Waste NOT donors from potential liability or damages related to the donation of perishable foods.
No. Food that has been served, or placed on a buffet, is not eligible for pick-up due to health regulations. Excess food must have been properly maintained (refrigerated) and held in the kitchen without being served in order to qualify for pick up.
No. Our trucks begin running at 6:30 am, Monday through Saturday. As we do not warehouse food, it is impossible for us to pick up and deliver to our agencies during evening hours. However, we work with you to make sure your excess food is picked up first thing the following day.
No. We do not warehouse food. Our trucks pick up food and drop it off to our recipient agency partners the same day. We have no storage facilities.
Food rescue involves taking food that is not able to be sold but is still usable and delivering it to those who need it and can put it to good use. The food we pick up is not spoiled, rotten or out of code. The food may not look perfect but is still nutritious and delicious!


Waste NOT has been partnering with the Senior Center since 1993, providing bread, fruit andextras for seniors to take home
to supplement their groceries. Waste NOT also participates in the senior lunch program
by serving pies once a month on "Senior Dessert Day".

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