Atlasta Catering is cooking up something good for the party!


Within the last year, the words on everyone’s lips have been “food waste” and “sustainability”.  As one of the oldest perishable food rescue programs in the country, Waste Not was ahead of its time.  For 30 years, Waste Not has been rescuing excess perishable food from those who do not need it or want it, delivering it to the hungry people in the Valley.  Eliminating food waste and being sustainable is in our DNA which is why we love partnering with companies who truly “get it”…it’s not just a buzzword or a publicity stunt, but truly what they believe in as a company.

Atlasta Catering, a locally-owned and operated catering company in Arizona, works hard each and every day to run a sustainable and ethical business. They are experts on locally sourcing food, waste reduction and elimination, pre-cycling and recycling and becoming better guardians of the environment. They have been donating to Waste Not since 2011, and have donated a remarkable 77,915 pounds of food ,ensuring that food does not go to waste and feeds the hungry which helps keep their business zero-landfill.

Building a better community for Arizona’s children and their families is important to Atlasta which is why we love them; their business practices match our mission perfectly.As great partners, Atlasta Catering has graciously donated and coordinated the barbecue feast for our 30th birthday party.

The menu will include bratwursts, oven-roasted bbq chicken and delicious picnic sides including potato salad, baked beans and coleslaw!

Please join us for a celebration of 30 years of service to the hungry men, women and children of our Valley and to honor the food donors and our financial donors: their kindness and generosity have made this possible. Included in your ticket to our party, enjoy this no-waste meal, provided by Atlasta, knowing that they uphold sustainable and ethical business practices to protect our environment, feed the hungry, and create a better community for us all.